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Foam Encapsulated Mattresses

Foam Encapsulated Mattresses work by encasing the inner mattress fillings within a supportive foam border.
Essentially, it is a box of support foam that reinforces the whole mattress spring unit.

Key features of an encapsulated mattress:

A supportive foam layer on the base of the mattress.
A foam border is built around the sides of the mattress to create an open box.
Foam-encapsulated mattresses may also feature a layer of support foam above the springs.
A comfort layer is used, made from either Memory Foam, Latex or Gel Foam, and then covered in fabric to complete the Mattress.
Our Foam Encapsulated Mattresses usually contain Memory Foam, Gel, Latex, and a Pocket Sprung unit.

Easy to care for and maintain.
Foam Encapsulated Mattresses are single-sided due to the reflex foam base and encasement.
You only need to rotate your encapsulated mattress from end-to-end (180 degrees), recommend doing this every three months.

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