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Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain and how to manage it

We spend around a third of our lives in our beds. With so much time spent laying down, the mattress we have on our bed is vital, not only to ensure we’re comfortable but also to minimize or alleviate back pain.

The mattress you choose can easily be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a sleepless night filled with pain and discomfort. So what makes it the ‘right’ mattress?

Let’s take a look.
Mattresses, like many things in life, are entirely subjective. The right mattress for me will be different from the mattress that’s right for you. Some people like a harder mattress, while others prefer something they can slowly sink into.

When it comes to back pain, however, there may not be a ‘perfect’ mattress, but there are things to look out for that can help relieve the situation that makes a mattress perfect for you.

Whether you suffer from back pain now or want to reduce the risk of it in the future, you need a mattress that supports your spine.

The spine is an incredibly strong and flexible part of your anatomy, made up of bones, flexible ligaments, muscles, tendons, and highly-sensitive nerves. It’s a wonder of biological science, but it’s not unbreakable nor is it necessarily guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A good mattress, meaning one that is right for your particular needs, should offer the right amount of support in all the right places to this important part of your body. It used to be that everyone from Doctors to those old wives’ tales would say that only a rock-hard mattress would help with a bad back, but research has now shown that depending on the back pain you suffer with, a harder mattress can create further problems. The right mattress for you is dependent, not only on the type of pain you suffer from but also on your age, size, and height.
Not all mattresses are created equally. Terms such as ‘orthopedic’ or ‘Posturepedic ‘all tend to cloud the waters when buying a mattress. It’s important to look at the configuration of springs (including open coil mattresses, pocket sprung, etc.) or, if you want a foam mattress, then there you have the choice between latex, visco-elastic, and memory foam. The list goes on. When choosing a mattress, it should, above all else, do several simple things well. It should be firm enough to support your body without sagging, whilst allowing you to turn comfortably. The supportiveness of the mattress refers to how well (or not) it keeps your body on a flat and level plane. Neither your top nor bottom half should be higher than the rest of you when sleeping. This is a key factor in preventing or alleviating back pain. If your existing mattress is starting to sag in the middle, this will have a huge impact on your spine and will cause you problems. If this is the case with your current mattress, it’s time for a new one for sure.
Another key aspect of a good mattress is its comfort. Comfortability refers to how it holds to the contours of your body. A mattress with good comfort will support your body equally along its length. Any gaps in that support can result in stress or unnatural pressure being placed on your upper or lower spine. This all brings us back to firmness.  Soft mattresses tend to offer good comfort but lack adequate support. A mattress that would be generally classed as ‘medium’ (again, this is subjective), tend to be firm enough to offer robust support whilst being soft enough to provide good conformability, which makes them probably the most effective in relieving pain. Firm mattresses on the other hand offer great support but provide little (if any) conformability. As we said earlier, the choice is up to you and your condition.
Whatever you need, we can supply a mattress that is perfect for you. Granted we don’t have a shop to try them out in, but that shouldn’t stop you. Shop around in your local stores, try them out (if you share a bed with someone – take them with you when you look), and once you’ve decided, come right back here and order it cheaper than anywhere else. We stock all the top-selling mattresses from the leading suppliers so we are sure to be able to supply the mattress you need. We look forward to helping you. Sweet dreams.

How to relieve back pain.

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Bespoke Handmade Fabric Upholsterd Bed Frames

What is a fabric bed?

Fabric beds are just bed frames that have been upholstered in soft materials.
To give them a luxurious and elegant feel, they are usually embellished with embroidery or button details.
In terms of design, fabric beds come in a variety of designs – from simple, luxurious and sophisticated to more avant-garde styles.

The bed can be matched with your existing furniture and colour scheme to create unique spaces.
Fabric beds allow you to not only add a personal touch to your bedroom but also create a more welcoming and cozy atmosphere. This enables you to relax and unwind.
A fabric bed is comfortable for watching TV, conversing with your partner, and reading.
Their sturdy headboards are great for leaning against as well as for insulating the walls

Bedz4u’s collection of British handmade fabric upholstered beds includes a range of sizes and styles, all manufactured in our Dewsbury factory.
Our bedsteads are handcrafted from only the very highest quality materials and fixings before being individually upholstered by our skilled craftsmen.
The upholstered beds we offer feature both contemporary styles, as well as vintage styles with deep traditional buttoning details, as well as crystal diamante studs.
Every one of our fabric upholstered beds is available in a variety of colors.
We are committed to producing simple but sturdy beds, ranging in size from small single, single, small double, double, king size, and super king size.
Due to our many years of experience and craftsmanship, we have been able to develop a wide range of high-quality beds that are simple, elegant, and suitable for any purpose.

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Bunk Beds and Triple Sleepers

Bedz4u provides some of the best bunk beds for kids at an affordable price.
We have a wide range of bunk beds, high-sleeper bunk beds, mid-sleeper bunk beds, and triple sleepers. These are ideal space-saving solutions for people with a limited amount of room.

We supply these beds in a variety of finishes, such as white, silver, black, pink, antique pine, and natural pine, with all of them being made in stylish wooden and sleek metal designs. This type of bunk bed is great for almost any room style and is available as toddler bunk beds or teenager bunk beds.             

Highly protective, bunk beds feature tall side rails and decorative head and foot ends for safety. Our bunks are available in a range of styles such as high sleepers, where there is space underneath the bed for storage or furniture. Three sleepers or triple sleepers bunks (single over double bunk bed), where the bottom bunk is replaced by a double bed or a standard bed, designed to comfortably sleep two with one sleeper above the other.

Bunk beds that can be separated are ideal so that when your children get a little older, they can sleep separately from each other without the need to buy new beds.

All our bunk beds are sourced from reputable suppliers including, Artisan, Birlea, Seconique, Heartlands, Time Living, Serene plus many more.

Bunk beds aren’t just for those who have more than one child,’ as bunk beds with drawer storage will provide plenty of room for bits and bobs maintaining a tidy floor space. Bunk beds are also a must for any growing family with limited space and are available from Bedz4u with Free Delivery.

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Declutter Your Bedroom with the Aid of Storage Beds

Getting rid of all your bedroom clutter and rubbish is essential for a great night’s sleep.

Reasons why you should declutter.

Your bedroom is a place to get away from the world, rest your mind from stress, and promote a night of healthy sleep.  
An untidy room will have the opposite effect.
Even if you’re not aware of it, your mind may struggle to relax and switch off once you are tucked up in bed.  
So, whether you’re moving to a new house or simply refreshing your existing room, clearing the clutter and finding the right bedroom storage solutions should always be your first step to a stress-free night.  
The Devon Heather Grey Fabric Bed with a Jumbo Drawer would be the ideal choice for extra storage.  
Ottoman Beds are multi-functional pieces of bedroom furniture, like our Kensington Hardwood Ottoman Storage Beds available in White or Oak finish. 
We also have the Regent and Alexander which are both finished in a dark grey fabric and available with 4 storage drawers each. 
Think simple storage solutions and a clutter-free environment for the perfect place to sleep.  

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Change the relaxing statement by purchasing stylish and classy beds

Nowadays, a bedroom is not limited to just a bed in it as an item of furniture. The definition has completely changed because a bedroom means a room with a modern and stylish bed along with classy furniture. It may contain a wardrobe cabinet, a bed, and a nightstand. The main focus center of any bedroom is its bed. The bed is composed of a mattress and bed frame. Some of them may also have an integral nightstand within them. The most common bed frame is the metal bed, which is also considered the most durable and long-lasting.

Wooden frame beds are the most popular which have been used throughout the ages. Such kinds of beds give an aesthetic look to the overall bedroom. There are many more types and they can be availed from any online store.

There are various kinds of styles also that may be found within the bed styles. A divan bed is also very popular. These are available in different sizes ranging from a small single up to a super king size.  The biggest advantage of divan beds is that they can be used for storage purposes also. This can help in saving space in the home that may be utilized for other purposes.

Kids have different choices for their bedrooms. They also have some funky style beds so that they may find sleeping style also quite interesting. Various online stores offer racing car beds and other funky design beds. The kid’s beds are also small in size as compared to others so they will also cover less space. Since such beds are available in different colors, therefore, girls can have their choice, and boys can have their choice.

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Mayfair Plush Silver Fabric Ottoman Storage Sleigh Bed By Harmony Beds

The Mayfair Plush Silver Fabric Ottoman Sleigh Bed is a great option for those seeking ottoman-style side storage.
The bed delivers the same package as most luxury lifting beds, but for a fraction of the price.
The bed frame arrives flat-packed in four boxes and requires self-assembly.
This version has a comfortable Upholstered Plush Silver Fabric finish with diamante hand-tufted buttons.
Fitted with sprung slats for added mattress comfort.
Fitted with dark wooden bun feet.
Whether your home is large or small, the opportunity for added storage is always welcome.
It is available as a standard 4’6” double or 5’0” king size.

More Storage Beds are available.


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How to stay Cool on Hot Summer Nights

How to Cool your Bedroom on Hot Summer Nights.

Keep your windows open at all times when you are at home. This will keep a breeze passing through into the bedroom.

Keep your curtains closed and close any blinds you may have to keep the suns warmth out of the bedroom. When it’s time for bed you will appreciate the room being a few degrees cooler than normal!

Take off the winter duvet, replacing it with one with a much lighter tog enabling you to feel much cooler and more comfortable. If you are thinking about buying a mattress, why not consider one without memory foam fillings, these types of mattresses contour to the body using heat from the warmth generated by the body.

Also available are orthopedic mattresses which are very firm and recommended by many back sufferers.

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Buy Premium Quality Bed and Mattress Products at Fantastic Prices

A house is quite incomplete without beds. You can find designer beds in various sizes and designs. The internet is the best source through which you can acquire quality information about reliable online suppliers of beds and mattresses.

As you all know, beds are a basic requirement of people, therefore, their demand is always on top. Technology has developed a lot as people are taking the advantage of shopping for products from online stores. There are many benefits of choosing home furniture online. The best thing about online furniture stores is that you can choose your furniture items without any hassle and select the furniture that meets your needs and budget without any pressure. The information mentioned in this article is about a trusted online retailer that specializes in supplying a huge range of quality beds and mattresses from single up to super king size.   

Bedz4u offers the highest level of satisfaction to their customers, striving to manufacture and distribute cost-effective beds and mattresses throughout the UK. They offer an outstanding collection of stylish beds including metal, wood, leather, upholstered, fabric, storage beds, bunk beds, divans, and children’s beds. Being one of the biggest suppliers of these home furnishing items, Bedz4u also dedicates itself to providing a high-standard shipping service all over the UK.

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Soveriegn Beds Manufturers of Quality Bespoke Bed Frames

Bedz4u is pleased to partner with Sovereign Beds, which was established in 1988 and has a long tradition of proudly handcrafting luxury beds. 
The company creates high-quality, stylish bespoke beds which are meticulously designed without compromise.
These include a bespoke collection of bed frames, ottoman storage beds, and divan beds including floor-standing headboards.
All sizes and colours are catered for and every item is tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.

Sovereign Beds are a family-run business that has been built purely on ethics.
All of Sovereign Beds products are manufactured by skilled Craftsmen here in the UK.
They aim to provide the end user with a beautiful product at the best possible price.
All health and safety regulations are met during manufacture, with all quality materials used in their products.
‘Hand-made quality, style to suit your home

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Floor Standing Headboards or Standard Strutted Headboards

If you’re looking for a stylish way to enhance your bedroom, headboards are a great choice.
A padded bed head not only provides support for your bed but also protects your wall from damaging abrasions.
As well as being functional, a headboard can also add a sense of personality to your bedroom.
Quite simply, headboards are an effective way of personalizing your room and making it more pleasing to the eye.
In addition to serving as an ornamental pieces of furniture, headboards also serve as functional pieces.
A headboard is a simple way of personalizing your room and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 
Here at Bedz4u, we sell the original standard strutted headboards and the now ever-popular floor-standing floor standing headboards, which are available in a range of styles and colours. 
Our range includes a selection of handmade fabric upholstered headboards, manufactured here in the UK.
Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional upholstered headboard, we have plenty to choose from.

Freestanding or floor-standing headboards are made as the name suggests, headboards that conveniently stand behind your bed and are full size from the floor to the top of the board.
Some people prefer these types of headboards as they can be sturdy and won’t move as much as maybe headboards with struts.
Floor-standing headboards are secured by putting the headboard in place and then screwing in the headboard bolts through the legs into your divan bed base. (Supplied originally with your bed base).

Standard strutted headboards upholstered in the fabric are the original headboards which have two reinforced struts that attach the headboard securely to a divan base.
The advantage of strutted headboards is they can be easily adjusted to the height you want.
This means if you decide to change your mattress, you can simply nudge your headboard up or down to fit.

Bedz4u has a range of styles and finishes within our headboard range, available in all sizes and various colours.
Our range includes a selection of handmade fabric upholstered headboards, manufactured here in the UK.
Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional headboard, we have plenty to choose from.
Our headboards are suitable to fit on any divan base. 
The main sizes of headboards are Small Single 2ft 6″, Single 3ft, Small Double 4ft, Standard Double 4ft 6″, King Size 5ft, and Super King Size 6ft.