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Divan Beds with Mattress and Headboard

The advantage of a divan bed is that it’s simple and adds more storage.
Divan beds with storage are an excellent solution for space-saving or any storage issues, ideal for storing bedding or clothing and keeping your bedroom clutter-free.
A divan bed set typically comes with a divan base and a mattress. It is also possible to order a headboard separately.
There is usually a flat headboard included with most Beauty Sleep divan sets.
We have for sale a choice of single divan beds, double divan beds, king-size divan beds bed, and super king-size divan beds.
We have a variety of storage drawer options, two drawers, four drawers, single sliding drawers, or a jumbo draw at the foot of the bed frame with a choice of fabrics, including a crushed velvet divan bed. How cool does that sound!
All drawers fit in the base of king-size, double, and single beds and are ideal storage and super-size, giving the most extensive storage options.
We carry a vast range of popular divan beds.

Available size divan beds include:
Small single divan sets.
Single-size divan sets.
Small double divan sets.
Double divan sets.
King-size divan sets.
The big daddy of them all super king-size divans.
Any divan beds advertised as a set will include a base, and mattress, with headboards available to view and purchase on our website.
For all divan beds, including king size, add a storage arrangement of your choice; with these large style divan beds and our supersize divan beds, you can select on our website storage type and the number of drawers and placement of storage drawers from our drop-down list.
King-size beds, especially king-sized divans, are our number one seller. if you have the room and like the thought of a spacious bed, that’s the way to go.

Divan sizes
Small single Divan Bed: 2ft 6″
Single Divan Bed: 3ft
Small Double Divan Bed: 4ft
Standard Double Divan Bed: 4ft 6″
King Size Divan Bed: 5ft
Super King Size Divan Bed: 6ft
Remember to double-check your measurements before ordering a new divan bed!

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Bedz4u offers a huge selection of kid’s bunk beds

Bunk beds made from wood are all the rage among children.

Bunk beds from Bedz4u will make getting your child to bed more accessible, but taking them out will be more difficult!

In addition to full-size bunk beds, there are single bunk beds, bunk beds with storage, bunk beds with a workstation below, and triple bunk beds.
Most of our bunk beds can be separated to make two beds. Two single beds or a double and a single, as your children grow up and need their bedrooms.
Long-lasting and durable wooden bunk beds are a wise choice.

Our bunk beds are rigorously tested for durability because children put a lot of wear and tear on them.
Bunk beds are ideal for small bedrooms, and box rooms can also benefit from them.
White, silver, black, beech, oak, and antique pine bunk beds are available in stylish wood and metal designs.
For future reference, add a bunk bed style to your wish list on our website.

Families with children will find triple bunk beds an excellent investment and a practical way to save space.
In addition to converting a triple bunk bed into two separate beds as your children grow, it is also possible to convert it into a double bunk bed and a single bunk bed as your child ages.
Mattresses will need to be ordered separately for these beds.

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Choosing the right size Bed Frame

Choosing the right bed size is imperative.
Make sure you check the measurements before you purchase any bed, whether it is a single bed or a super king-size bed.
Choosing the right size bed.

Bed size can have a major impact on your sleep quality and bedroom style.
The most important thing is to be comfortable and stretch out, roll around, and starfish in comfort.
If you’re buying a young child’s bed, remember they’ll need room to grow.
The wrong size bed can affect a room’s design in terms of style.
A bed that is too small will look out of place. It needs to be just the right size.

Will it fit? That’s the big question.

Here are a few things you should consider before buying. 
Check and double-check the dimensions of the bed.
It is common for bed frames to have larger external dimensions than their mattresses.
Depending on the size of the headboard and footboard, the overall footprint can vary significantly for some beds, such as sleigh beds.
When it comes to simpler-styled beds, the mattress may extend to the foot end of the bed.

Top tips: 

If you are tall, remember that a mattress for double beds is only 190cm (6”3”) in length whilst king-size or super king mattresses are  200cm (or 6”6”) in length. So, a bed with a low foot end may be best.
Check the space of your room.
Planning your room layout should include things like skirting boards and door frames.
In addition, you should consider where the rest of your bedroom furniture will go and make sure you have enough space to access drawers and cupboards.