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Divan Beds with Storage Options

Divan beds offer great storage solutions for bedding, clothing, or various other items.
Kids’ toys can be neatly stored in the drawers beneath a divan bed base.
A single divan set can also be fitted with a slider storage solution or up to two drawers.
Spare bedding for the guest room can be tucked away in the divan bed base of a double divan bed, king-size divan, or super king-size divan bed counterpart.
Divan bed frames are a great storage solution, ideal for those with limited storage space.
The divan bed with storage typically comes with under-bed drawers to maximize your floor space.
A double, king size or super king-size divan bed frame comes with a variety of practical drawer options, including two drawers, four drawers, sliding drawers, and jumbo drawers, which are situated at the foot-end of the bed.
If you choose a Divan bed with a mattress, you can choose to have handy storage drawers in the base, which is a great place to store your bits and bobs or your bed linen!
A divan bed set typically comes with just the platform base and mattress.
Headboards to accompany the bed can transform the look of any bedroom decor.
Please view our Headboards, which are compatible with any divan bed.